Regarding Devices

What IOS device colors AppLaunchpad supports?

AppLaunchpad supports white, black, gold, rose gold colors for IOS devices.

What Android devices AppLaunchpad supports?

AppLaunchpad supports Google Pixel in white, black and blue color. Nexus5x in black color. Nexus 6p in black color.

What are custom devices?

Custom Devices are created using original devices of IOS and Android with a different color combination and desgin. We have 8 different custom devices for both IOS and Android.

Regarding Screenshots

How does my global screenshot is adjusted in different device sizes?

Global screenshot is cropped and streched keeping the same aspect ratio of the screenshot to adjust in different device sizes.

Can I export my screenshots in PNG format?

Yes, you have to upgrade your account for Pro membership to export screenshot in PNG format. Otherwise it will be exported in JPG format.

How can I make sure that my screenshots are not croppped in any device size?

You can get screenshot specific to each device size and use the option of Device Specific Screenshot upload to make sure that they are not cropped in any device sizes.

Can I make iPad and Android Tablet screenshots?

Yes, but you have to be a pro member to get these screenshots.

Caption Stylying

Can I add caption in different languages in screenshots?

Currently you can write caption only in English language but you can directly paste caption written in any other language.


Why am I able to use Pro features even when I am not Pro member?

Being a non Pro member you can try the Pro features. But to download the screenshots you need to become a Pro member.

Why am I not able to download the screenshots & instead asked to upgrade?

Being a non Pro member if you use any Pro features to create screenshots then you won't be able to download the screenshot. Instead you would be asked to upgrade to a Pro member. But you can always download screenshots if you don't use any Pro features.

How long can I use AppLaunchpad for Free?

You can always use AppLaunchpad for Free untill you don't use any Pro features.

Why am I not able to use AppLaunchpad if I have created account through email?

You need to become a Pro member to save your screenshots both in IOS and Android.

Does AppLaunchpad save my screenshots?

You must verify your email before you can Login into AppLauncpad. We do this to avoid spam registrations.

How can I pay for pro features of AppLaunchpad?

You can pay using Mastercard, AMEXcard, Debit card